UtiliGuard® is a state-of-the-art power quality system designed to protect electrical equipment from surges and transient voltages within commercial, industrial or residential properties. Installed as a system, UtiliGuard® delivers results beyond transient voltage surge suppression. Customized applications will improve energy efficiency, extend life of equipment and provide savings that reap a healthy return on investment. Each system is individually designed by our Systems Engineer.

Utiliguard Models


UTILIGUARD® Power Quality Systems provide full facility equipment protection as units are wired and mounted on service entrance panels, distribution panels, branch locations and unprotected disconnects. Installation, by licensed electrical contractors, is performed during normal operating hours or at the convenience of the property owner, and power does not have to be turned off to install the UtiliGuard® System.

An earth grounding system is an instrumental performance mechanism that we deploy on every project to provide optimal pathways for surges and transients to be eliminated from the building. Ground resistance is usually present on electrical lines within a business, as many utilize only safety ground means such as bonding to building steel or water pipes. The UtiliGuard® Power Quality System achieves its energy saving performance partly due to the earth ground enhancement and aggressive ground resistance reduction to 10 ohms or less.

Other distinct features such as low clamping level and immediate response time are key factors in the removal of destructive transients, harmonics and surges which are all culprits of poor and damaging power quality. It is this combined technology that attributes to the reduction of operating temperature within equipment, motors and ballasts, creating less resistance and heat on equipment. This, in turn, increases the longevity of equipment as well as reduces repair and replacement costs. The effect is a facility in which equipment runs cooler, lasts longer, and consumes less energy.



Energy Savings are guaranteed with the UtiliGuard® Power Quality System. The manufacturer guarantee is underwritten and insured with 20% electrical energy savings for business and 10% savings for residential properties. Kilowatt hour consumption (kwh) is reduced with UtliGuard® when installed on every circuit breaker panel, sub-panel, and equipment disconnect not attached to a breaker panel. Each system is designed to include a copper electrode grounding field and low ground resistance attainment which contribute greatly to reducing electrical waste. Each customer receives a written manufacturer guarantee certification.

Warranty Certificate Warranty Certificate



UtiliGuard® Power Quality Systems are backed by two manufacturer warranties:

$100,000 CONNECTED

In the unlikely event that the UtiliGuard® system fails, in which electrical equipment is damaged by a transient voltage surge or spike, the manufacturer will repair or replace such equipment up to $100,000 per unit, per event.

Should the UtiliGuard® fail for any reason, the manufacturer will replace the unit free of charge as long as you own the business in which the UtiliGuard® is installed.



With your input, we will identify key motors within your facility and customize an approach to improve their efficiency.  Applying Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) or Power Factor Correction (PFC) will reduce energy consumption of the motor, allow it to run more efficiently and save your company on operation expenses.

Typical Applications for VFDs and Power Factor Correction include:

Air Compressors, Air Handling Units, Chilled Water Supply Pumps, Chillers, Circulation and Supply Pumps, Combustion Blowers in Boilers, Cooling Tower Fans, Hot Water Circulation Pumps, Industrial Process Cooling Pumps, Injection Molding Machines, Return Fans ...


Optimize AC induction motors when speed variations are required  

If you have AC motors in your facility and if you routinely need to vary their speed output, your facility may benefit from the addition of Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) to improve motor efficiency.  Utility companies promote this technology as energy saving and currently offer rebates as incentives when VFDs are applied in commercial and industrial business.  At Power Efficiency Systems, we will evaluate your equipment to see where and if this type of application would be a benefit.  VFDs provide improved motor efficiency, and save substantially on energy consumption.  They extend the life of motors and improve speed control by carefully varying the frequency and voltage to the specific needs of the motor's load.  With built in soft starts, they enhance reliability and eliminate the need for throttles and dampers.  Energy savings can range from 25 – 85% through reduced power consumption.  Call us today for a free facility survey to analyze key pieces of equipment and motors within your facility.

Control the speed, torque, acceleration, deceleration and direction of rotation to gain:

  • Power Reduction that includes energy savings of 25 - 85%
  • Increased Power Factor (.95 +)
  • Improved Speed Control
  • Enhanced Reliability
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs
  • Built-in Soft Starting



The UtiliGuardECP is a custom built unit designed to increase a motor load’s power factor or efficiency, by the amount of reactive power (KVAR or kilovolt amps reactive) the load draws from the utility company. Power Factor is measured and analyzed to ascertain efficiency in which a motor or business operates. A Power Factor of 1.0 equals 100% efficiency. A compressor, for example, that has a power factor of .66 is running inefficiently. When inductive motors such as these draw current, particularly during peak demand times, increased charges result from the utility company. These charges present as penalties or demand charges on the electric bill, and can be substantially reduced by improving the power factor within the business. Improving power factor and motor efficiency can increase current-carrying capacity, improve voltage to equipment, reduce power losses, and lower electricity consumption.

UtiliGuardECP units store the reactive power (KVAR) needed for the creation of the EMF (electromagnetic field) within the inductive load. As the motor operates, this reactive power is “pulled” and “pushed” to and from the ECP unit by the motor. The required amount or reactive power that was normally supplied by the utility company is now supplied at each load from the ECP unit, which in turn, reduces the overall energy requirement needed from the utility company.

The technology applied by the UtiliGuardECP unit reclaims, stores and supplies power to inductive motors and loads. The power reclaimed and recycled by the ECP would normally be pushed back through the power distribution lines. That’s how the ECP improves power factor, reduces operating temperature and enhances the efficiency of motors.



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